ND, Bowman, 640 Acres TBD

Fixed Price: $800,000.00

Seller Landhub.com
Total due $800,000.00


Bowman County, TBD, North Dakota


When you think wild open North Dakota Country, this is it! Located west of Bowman ND 8 miles to giffin and then 1 mile north to the sw corner point of the property.  The large backward L shaped piece is mostly used to haying today. lots of tonage to be baled up. The toppgraphy consists off  light rolling ground except of a minor piece that climbs out of the ground and skys upward, these buttes can be seen from great distances.  what you won’t see it the hidden beauty that it can easily hide. This 640 acre piece of land is home to some amazing wildlife that run across it. The antleope can be seen grazing and running, while the deer meander thruough the grasses. the muley deer love the buttes and the whitetail sit on the southern edge. If you enjoy hunting behind your dog chasing pheasants, get ready they are here! Turn it into a pasture for your ranching operation as it would be easy to access with the main road along the south end being 83rdt st  and a road that runs north along the east side of the property. there are only a few trees on the north end and a large watering hole as well on the north end that currently hold ducks in there. The property does have rural water on the south end as well as an old site for a home and power to the property.  when you sit atop the buttes you really get to enjoy the beauty of what it has to offer. the view is amazing and you can see for miles. it is pretty sureal to sit there and to see that vast number of wildlife walkimg around within miles of you is pretty neat.. also along the top of the Buttes there is a sciora pit, great for us on your land of it you want to sell some off. it is so crazy to see how eaasy the wildlife can hide behind the buttes or when they see you they walk around the backside and you never know they were there.. Bowman is located south of Medora, while Dickinson ND is also nearby, it also lies north of Belle Fourche SD. the community is great an has some neat stuff to attend or go to in thearea. local fishing holes or rivers are also an added bonus.