TX, Hardeman, 0.25 Acre Quanah, Lots 1 - 3 Block 153, Adjoining, Electricity. TERMS $125/Month

Fixed Price: $50.00

Seller Online Land Sales, LLC
Total due $50.00

Hardeman County, Quanah, Texas
Lots 1 - 3 Block 153


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Financing: This lot is being offered for sale with financing. Simply make the small down payment, and the land contracts will be emailed and hard copy mailed to you immediately. You can start using or building your land while you are making payments.

Down Payment: $50
Monthly Payments: $427
Sales Price: $42,750
Interest Rate: 9%
10% Discount On Remaining Balance If Paid Early.
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with this Online Land Sales LLC property, or your money back. You have 2 months to decide if you like the lot, and will receive a refund of all principal payments on the lot if you don't. This is an industry best guarantee and is just beginning of the amazing benefits of buying land with us.